Friday, November 22, 2019

Art in America - Trademark Styles of American Artists

The names read like a list of the finest in artistic style the United States has ever produced. If Hopper, Warhol, Rockwell, O’Keefe, and Wyeth resonate in your mind, it’s because they have styles that are at once distinctive and familiar. The beauty and style of their works are accessible and enjoyable on a superficial level when you are in the mood for a quick hit of art, but they also stand as tools that allow you to reach a higher plane of appreciation when the mood strikes.

These artists created works in their times that became iconic imagery in our culture, and these images still carry weight today. There is realism in some works and whimsy in others. They combine a look into a better time and our country and present the results to us in memorable ways.

Think of Hopper’s most famous work, Nighthawks, from 1942. It is classic Americana frozen forever. The soft light of the late-night diner gives us a glimpse into the lonely lives of four people. This work lives on and is cherished and discussed even now.

Art in America is still influential today, and you can find one-of-a-kind artwork if you take the time to look carefully. At Art and Objects International, we find that the art world is vibrant, with examples being created daily by talented artists working in all media. Who knows? Maybe you will discover your own personal version of a masterpiece.

Friday, November 15, 2019

How Art Can Improve Your Life

Buy Handmade Art
Art touches us all on many different levels and in many different ways. It exists in limitless forms, with new examples being added all the time. It’s such a broad category that no one definition can indeed encompass it all. Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is art.

At Art and Objects International, we know that art is an emotional purchase that provides a balm to the spirit. In short, it makes people feel good. We encourage anyone who likes creativity, beauty, style, expression, and introspection to buy handmade art and welcome it into their homes.

When a painting or sculpture or print has a visceral impact on you, it means many things. Mainly it means that the art is speaking to you, and by making it your own, you can savor that wonderful feeling again and again.

Art in the home is not only a way to connect with your feelings and the message being represented by the artist; it’s simply stunning and adds a great deal to any d├ęcor. You can find types of artistic creations that blend into the existing style of your home or ones that can quickly become a focal point for a new design theme. The options are truly endless.